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Grim Dawn Expansion to introduce Illusionist NPC to change your character's look

Crate Entertainment, the developer of the popular hack and slash Action RPG, Grim Dawn, has announced one of the new feature's in the game's upcoming expansion. The expansion, which is yet to be named, will have a new service NPC (shopkeeper-like) called the Illusionist. This NPC can be used for  changing your character's look.

Grim Dawn Illusionist NPC Grim Dawn

This NPC will already be present in at least 2 known locations, Devil’s Crossing (the starting point) and Fort Ikon (in the North West of the map), and other areas as well.

Grim Dawn  Illusionist GUI

Basically these Illusionists will charge you a nominal fee in Iron Bits,  (the currency which you collect in-game) for changing your gear's appearance. And you don't have to collect anything specific for changing  the look. As long as you meet the level requirement for the gear, you can change its appearance and use it. Reverting to the original appearance is free.

Grim Dawn Collection_6 Grim Dawn  Collection_2 Grim Dawn Collection_1

We already know that there will be two new  masteries (classes) in Grim Dawn, the first one being the Inquisitor, who are focused on range combat ad magic. The other one is still a mystery.

Grim Dawn Inquisitor

There will be a massive new chapter in the Expansion, which continues in the lore of Grim Dawn. Inquisitor Creed and the Black Legion play a major role in the new expansion, which will also feature new locations, new foes, dungeons, factions and of course new loot. And you will also get a bigger Personal and Transfer Stash for storing the loot too.

An extra 15 levels will be added to the existing level cap, taking it to an even 100. The Devotion cap will see 14 new Constellations. It is unclear as to how much the Grim Dawn expansion will cost, or be released. Crate has given an estimated release date in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2017.

I am looking forward to changing the appearance of my Warder.

via Grim Dawn