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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is now available for Windows Phone

Windows Phone gamers, we gave some great news for you.


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Windows Phone


Rockstar Games have officially released Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for the Windows Phone.


However it is only compatible with a handful of devices. This is due to the large size of the game and the required hardware to run the game smoothly.

Here is the list of supported devices:

  • Nokia Lumia 1520, 1320, 822, 820, 810
  • HTC: 8XT.

The game was released for iOS and Android devices in December 2013 before making its way onto Windows Phone. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the first game from the GTA series to be released for the Windows Phone.


Game’s Features:

• Remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette and improved character models.
• Dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement control.
• Three different control schemes and customizable controls with contextual options to display buttons only when you need them.
• Tailor your visual experience with adjustable graphic settings


GTA San Andreas - Ryder and Carl JohnsonGTA San Andreas - Ryder Carl Johnson Big Smoke and SweetGTA San Andreas Carl Johnson and Big Smoke pursued by RussiansGTA San Andreas Carl Johnson


Here is the official video trailer for the game:

You can buy Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for $6.99 from the Windows Phone Store.

The game is a massive download at over 2.5 GB. Considering the fact that the original PC game from Rockstar Games was nearly 5GB in size, War Drum Studios have done a terrific job in terms of compressing the game and optimizing the graphics.

I still play the game on my PC and consider it not only the best in the GTA series, but also as the best ever video game.

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