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Google partner with the Indian Human Resource Development’s National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) project.

The NPTEL provides e-learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Sciences, Technology, Management and Humanities started on January 2014. This is a joint initiative by seven IITs and IISc Bangalore. Other selected premier institutions also act as Associate Partner Institutions. For the last two years 400,000 enrollments are done on this.

As of now the NPTEL offers 47 online courses which are taken by some of the best professors in India.

The online courses consist of video lectures, reading material, quizzes and assignments just like a regular university course. The courses are available in three different durations - 10-hour, 20-hour and 40-hour - based on the length of the lecture material. Online discussion forums are available with each course to answer students’ questions.

If you are interested you can attend a course and write an exam. You will have to pay a nominal examination fees to do so. If the candidate won the exam, he will receive a certificate.

Currently running 47  sources

HSE for offshore and petroleum engineers - Practices - Prof. Srinivasan Chandarsekaran

Risk and Reliability of offshore structures - Prof. Srinivasan Chandarsekaran

Phase Diagrams in Materials Science and Engineering - Prof. Krishanu Biswas

Introduction to Reciprocal Space - Prof. Prathap Haridoss

Fundamentals of optical and scanning electron microscopy - Prof. S.Sankaran

Analysis and Modeling of Welding - Prof. Gandham Phanikumar

Fundamentals of electronic materials and devices - Prof. Parasuraman Swaminathan

Principles of Human Resource Management - Prof.Aradhana Malik

Marketing Management-I - Prof.Jayanta Chatterjee and Prof. Shashi Shekhar Mishra

Strategy: An Introduction to Game Theory -Prof.Aditya J and Prof. Vimal

Vibrations of Structures - Prof. Anirvan DasGupta

Conduction and Convection Heat Transfer -Prof. S.K.Som and Prof. Suman Chakraborty

Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics -Prof.A. Sameen

Introduction to boundary layers - Prof. Rinku Mukherjee

Manufacturing Process Technology -Part I - Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya

Basics of Finite Element Analysis-I -Prof. Nachiketa Tiwari

Basics of Noise and Its Measurements - Prof. Nachiketa Tiwari

Applied Multivariate Statistical Modeling -Prof.J. Maiti

Probability and Statistics - Prof. Somesh Kumar

Probability and Stochastics for finance -Prof. Joydeep Dutta

Discrete Mathematics -Prof. Sourav Chakraborty

Health Research Fundamentals -Multi faculty course

Language and Mind -Prof. Rajesh Kumar

Technical English for Engineers -Prof. Aysha Iqbal Viswamohan

Introduction to Research -Prof. Prathap Haridoss

Industrial Automation and Control -Prof. Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay

Electromagnetic theory -Prof. Pradeep Kumar K

Microwave Integrated Circuits -Prof. Jayanta Mukherjee

Estimation for Wireless Communications –MIMO/ OFDM Cellular and Sensor Networks -Prof. Aditya K. Jagannatham

Biochemistry - Prof. Swagata Dasgupta

Application of Spectroscopic Methods in Molecular Structure Determination -Prof. S.Sankararaman

Chemistry - II -Prof. K.Mangala Sunder

Programming, Data structures and Algorithms - Dr. Shankar Balachandran, Dr. N. S. Narayanaswamy, Prof. Hema Murthy

An introduction to Haskell Programming - Prof. Madhavan Mukund & Prof.S.P.Suresh

Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Prof. Madhavan Mukund

Introduction to Machine Learning - Prof. Balaraman Ravindran

Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning -Prof.Deepak Khemani

Information Security- II - Prof.V.Kamakoti

Computational Fluid Dynamics - Prof. Sreenivas Jayanti

MATLAB Programming for Numerical Computation - Prof. Niket Kaisare

Engineering Graphics - Prof. N. R. Patra

Probability Methods in Civil Engineering - Prof.Rajib Maity

Project Planning & Control - Prof. Koshy Varghese

Geology and Soil Mechanics - Dr. Priyanka Ghosh

Biostatistics and Design of experiments - Prof. Mukesh Doble

Introduction to Airplane Performance - Prof. A.K.Ghosh

Aircraft Stability and Control - Prof. A.K.Ghosh

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