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Google Slow Indexing

Google Slow Indexing - How to Fix

Google was indexing my site very slowly, it was noted this week only. So I was looking for the cause. And I found (still not sure this is what worked or not, but you may try this if you feel a slowness in indexing your pages), few issues

1. Site was not updated frequently  - my site was not updating regularly, and there was one or two posts daily (Things are changed now Smile )

2. The sitemap Tag was commented on the Robots.txt (This happened when I upgraded the BlogEngine)

3. Am using Windows Live Writer to write posts my blog, Ping services was not added to the Live writer, just added them

Ping services for Live Writer

These are the changes I have made, and after 2 days the issue got solved and now the Google is indexing the website much much faster.