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Google Plus Desktop client from AbelsSoft


AbelsSoft released a desktop client for Google+ named GClient. This GClient can sit on the Windows tray and can alert you when ever there is a notification. You can see the Streams like the above screen shot. Also can manage Circles, Photos, profile etc.

AbelsSoft ‘s Free application GClient integrates into the windows tray. Clicking on it will display a handy window showing your latest Google+ activities. This window allows you to post messages and to follow the activity of your circles.

GClient allows you to perform all major tasks of Google+ without having to visit the website.






This tool will allow you to  post to stream, +1 a post, comment on a post , view streams from circles, incoming streams etc.  There is no option to upload a photo I think. Still it worth a try.

Read more and download GClient

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