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Google Picasa to shut down on May 1st 2016

Google Picasa is being shuttered in a few months, the Mountain View company, announced the news yesterday.

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Google has been infamous for killing off many of its popular services like Google Reader, Google Currents, Orkut are some of the examples.

But Google's decision to end Picasa is not a bad one. The photo and video album service which debuted in 2002, was superseded by Google Photos, in 2015. Photos is actually a spin-off of Google+, which originally had its own picture and video storage and management service. But since almost nobody uses Google+, Photos was created to make the feature available for all users, even if they didn't have or used Google+.

How to move your Picasa photos to Google Photos:

There is absolutely nothing that you have to do manually. Google Photos already has all of the content you uploaded to Picasa. You just need to login to Google Photos and you can start managing your existing content.

What will happen to Picasa Web Albums?

If you don't want to switch to Photos, you will still be able to access your Picasa Web Albums. This includes viewing, downloading, and deleting Web Albums, but you will not be able to create new albums or organize or edit albums.

Another bad news is that the Google Picasa desktop application is also being shut down. And this is going to happen in just over 30 days too, on March 15, 2016. The company will no longer allow users to download the application, or continue updating the program after this date. So you have a month to use it, after which you will have to switch to Google Photos desktop uploader

source: Google Photos Blog