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Google Chrome goes 64 Bit with the latest Canary and Developer versions

Google has released a new build of Chrome, which supports 64 Bit Windows PCs.

Google Chrome Browser

These builds have been released though the Canary and Developer channels, which are normally used for testing new features before they are embedded into the stable versions.

Google says that the 64-bit versions are superior to the 32-bit version of the browser in terms of performance, security and stability. These builds make use of the 64-bit architecture to improve the performance, especially the graphics and multimedia content, which are 25% faster than the 32-bit version. Chrome 64 also reduces crashes by nearly 50% when compared to the 32-bit version. The browser is also more secure, and uses defense features such as High Entropy Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), on Windows 8.

You can download Google Chrome Canary or Developer versions for 64 Bit PCs from the official webpages. They are compatible with Windows 7 and 8.

Note: Just a heads up, since these are early test builds, be prepared to run into some bugs. Also, installing one of these builds will replace your existing version of Chrome, whilst preserving your bookmarks and settings.

via: Chromium Blog