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Google Chrome 45– Save memory by Clearing Memory from Idle Tabs

Google Chrome 45, Save memory

The latest version of Google Chrome browser (Version 45) added a new feature, which will help you to reduce the memory foot print of your browser.Earlier we covered two posts comparing the memory foot print of the browsers Memory usage of the browsers - Lightest browser and  3 Alternate Browsers - Lightweight browsers.

The feature will free the memory from the unused tabs (We covered The Great Suspender extension earlier which does the same). Google claims this feature save an average of 10% memory. Watch the video below

Other changes comes with this versions are

1. Restoring Tabs from previous session changed, now Chrome will load the tabs with most recently used tabs first also if the computer is running low on resources chrome will stop loading the tabs.

2. Auto pause flash content which can save up to 15% of your battery

So I believe you can now try the new Chrome as your default browser, if you were avoiding it because of the high memory footprint. Please share what is your experience with the new Google Chrome 45.