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Google Chrome 10th Birthday Edition

Google Chrome 10th Birthday Edition what is New

Yesterday Google Chrome browser celebrated their 10th birthday. Google released a new version on this event with some new features and improvements. Improvements are for both mobile versions and desktop versions.  Google yesterday tweeted that “Pick a screen, Any Screen, We’ve got something new for you, no matter where you use”. So there are so many changes to the famous Google browser.

The new chrome comes up with a New design, it also comes with some other features such as search in open tabs, set a background image for home page, better password manager,  and so on.

Click on the gear icon the right bottom side of your chrome home page to set up a background image, you can choose from the chrome background collection or can upload your own

Chrome Uploador select background

Chrome background collectionchrome background

The new password manager can create strong passwords and this will be connected to your Google account if you login with your google account

Chrome password manager

Chrome sync passwords

The new search bar shows more information, you may not have to visit a webpage to get the information you are looking for. Also while you type it will display the already opened tabs in the search list. This will help you to find a opened tab if you have opened so many tabs

If you are a developer watch this video to know what is new for you

If you haven’t received these features, update your chrome.

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