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Google Allo adds Hindi support for Assistant and Smart Reply

Google Allo has added support for Hindi, for its Google Assistant and Smart Reply, two of its key features. While Allo is not the best IM app in the world, or India, it is kind of nice to see it evolve into a better one since it was launched.

Google Allo Hindi 2
For the Hindi speaking folk, who rely on Allo's assistant for their daily news, and search needs, support for the language is a welcome one. This also makes it the fifth (4th technically) language to gain native support in Allo, after English, Hinglish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese

How to use Allo in Hindi ?

Fire up the Google Assistant, type in the words "talk to me in Hindi", and it will switch to it. You can switch to English anytime you want, as Allo recognizes the language you type in.

Google Allo Hindi

So ask your question in Hindi or Hinglish, and it will reply with a corresponding result/answer in Hindi. Smart Reply is so cool, that it will allow you to reply in Hindi, by using the app's prediction engine, which suggests entire sentences to your chat. So you can reply with a tap.

The feature is already available in the current version of Allo, as it is a server side update.

via: Google Blog