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Google Allo

Google allo

Earlier we have posted about the Duo and Allo pre-registration, Now After the Duo Google is rolling out the Allo now.  Google Allo is a instant messaging service which will be connected to the mobile phone numbers (like WhatsApp and  Viber) unlike the Hangout which was connected to the email address or Google account. The Apps will be available on the Android and IOS. You may or may not connect your Google account with it.

The Application have some interesting features inbuilt. We will have a look on the features before that, you may try to get the Google Allo from this link

1. Smart Reply

Google allo sugestions

Suggestions will be available based on the previous messages. This will get better as you will use application



You may reply to a message with out opening the application or by typing using the suggestions from the notification section itself.

2. Adjust Font Size

You can adjust the font size of a message by swipe up or down on the send button after typing the message

photo_2016-09-21_11-45-36 photo_2016-09-21_11-45-40

3. Google assistant

it can help you even in the middle of a chat, you can just type @google and ask some questions. Google assistant will be a contact in your application for helping you





4. Stickers and Emojis

The application supports emojis and stickers


5. Incognito Mode

This mode will be helpful for secret chats where you can set an expiry time and the messages will get deleted automatically, To start just click on the message icon on the home screen and choose


photo_2016-09-21_12-17-21 photo_2016-09-21_12-17-17 photo_2016-09-21_12-17-14



The following video will give you a brief idea about the application features.

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