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Giveaways I won so far

Am not participating regulartly on giveaway contests. I only participate if I think the product is useful for me. I won the following giveaways, and from day I won (I received the license exactly) am using these things. 

1. TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway  SnagIt 9.1 Giveaway (28th November 2009)  - 

SnagIt 9.1 Giveaway won

Conducted from 25th November 2009 to 26th Nov 2009. And am still using this for my screen capturing needs. Thanks to Raju PP Smile


2. Windows Lifestyle Windows 7 home premium and Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus (15th July 2011) -

Office 2010 Giveaway won Microsoft Windows 7 Home premium Giveaway won

Am using the Windows 7 home premium  on my second PC ( Ultimate on the other one) and still using the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus for my primary use. Thanks Nitin Agarwal


3. Tamil @ My Opera- Tamil New Year Giveaway: Introducing HTML5 Book. (24th May 2011)

Introducing HTML5 Book

This is a really cool book, and I have covered half of it. This is Signed copy. Actually am soo lucky to get this book because first three winners of the book did not claim this and I was the fourth one. Thanks Tamil.  Also thanks Aleksander for Sending the book to Tamil.

4. DotNetCurry - Telerik JustCode Add-in For Visual Studio (3rd June 2011)

Giveaway Telerik JustCode

I must say that this is a real cool add-on for Microsoft Visual studio, which will reduce your efforts and chances for errors. When ever I came to know I won I downloaded and installed a trial version of JustCode, and it was really handy.

Thanks Suprotim Agarwal and Carol.