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Giveaway free Smarty Uninstaller 3.0 full version license

Giveaway free Smarty Uninstaller 3.0 full version license

When you uninstall a software from your computer there is chance that it will left some entries undeleted, like registry entries, some files, etc.. Smarty Uninstaller will help you to remove all the entries left by an uninstalled software easily. Revo uninstaller is a similar kind of application which offers a portable edition too.


Delete the software entries completely

Easy to use

Make sure you will not remove any system files

Manage startup applications

Force uninstall when the regular uninstaller fails

Secure delete (delete files, and over write the location, so that the files can’t be recovered

Add up to 5 application in the queue to uninstall one after another

Backup system

Drag and drop uninstalling

This application is good but the only concern is the development, there is no update released after June 2011 that is more than 2 years.

Smarty Uninstaller free full version

This application  price is $27.95 normally but you can get this application for free from here

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