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Giveaway–Sticky Password PRO

Giveaway–Sticky Password PRO

Do you have many accounts and use same user name and password for all the accounts ? It is not a recommenced way to be safe in the online world. But it is also difficult to remember different user ids and passwords. The Password manager applications will come handy on this kind of situations.

Sticky password is one of the most famous password managers which will help you to remember just one master password and can keep different usernames and passwords for different services.

Sticky password have a free version and a Pro version. The free account will be having some restrictions and also The pro version have some additional features.

The PRO version of sticky passwords offers unlimited accounts while free version will be having a limit of 15 accounts.

Features of Sticky Password includes

Automatic login and form filling

Military grade AES 256 encryption

Unpredictable password generation

Portable USB version

Secure storage of personal notes

Windows Desktop, iOS and Android applications

Integrated with famous browsers like Firefox, chrome, opera etc..

Create strong passwords for you










We have 10 full version licenses (1 user 1 year licenses) to giveaway. The winners will be selected random. Last date of participating will be 28 October 2014, and keys will be sending to the users before 30 October 2014. 

If you want to get a 3 year license which will cost $59.97 normally for 58% discounted price ($24.99) you can use this promotional link

Note : The keys will have to be activated before 10 November 2014.