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Giveaway Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer

Giveaway Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer

This software will be a useful one to make beautiful slideshows from your photos, and share it via websites via YouTube , Flickr Etc.

It have two modes to create the slide shows (Slideshow mode and 3D gallery mode)

Slideshow mode and 3D gallery mode

3D Gallery

You can set a name and description for the gallery you are going to create, and add photos you wanted.

create gallery and add photos

You can choose the template style from a list. There are so many beautiful templates available in the list.

choose templates

on the next section you can

1.  add your logo, position it and also link that to a site

add your logoon slideshow

2.  Set the Preloader animation style

Set the Preloader animation style

After setting all these three sections you can choose, which out put format you want to save, provide the output directory and click save

output format

If you save it as SWF the next window will show the code which you can copy and paste to html for embedding it.  you can save the project so that you can edit it later.

Slideshow Mode

Slideshow Mode

After adding the photos choose the templates

choose the templates



Choose the effect

Choose the effect 

You can add custom text, link etc. to photos you want. Also choose the preloader, add your logo movie size settings and play options


Choose the output format and directory to save, and publish the slide show

publish the slideshow 

You can see a sample of  3D gallery below

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Flash Slideshow Designer is a really wonderful tool to create beautiful slideshows with your photo

Read more about Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer.

We have 5 licenses of Kvisoft Flash Slideshow giveaway where each one will cost $49.95.

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