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Giveaway– JETDRIVE Ultimate 7

Giveaway–JETDRIVE Ultimate 7

Defragmentation is the process of reducing fragmentation by arranging the files to continuous memory locations, to reduce the file accessing time by reducing the read write time (reduce the movement of head)

AbelsSoft JetDrive 7 is a defragmentation utility for your windows computer. This utility allows you to defragment Drives, specific files, Windows protected files and also the windows registry for faster accesses. It can sort files by last date of access, location, or last change to access the files faster.

There are three defragmentation options you can select from

1. Complete system optimization – It requires a reboot. This will defragment your drives, clean crap files like temporary internet files, defragment windows registry.

2. Quick Defragmentation

3. Manual

It is possible to schedule defragmentation, so that you can just set and forget about it. JetDrive have the power to detect hard drive errors, and may fix many of the errors too.

The JetDrive Ultimate 7 will costs you $29.95 while you can get this application for free from the page is in German you can check a translated version here

To get a free version , just visit the page mentioned above and download the application. Install the application and register with your details (this software does not require a key to activate)