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Giveaway InPaint 5.5 - Remove unwanted objects from your photos

Giveaway InPaint 5.5

InPaint is a wonderful tool which will remove unwanted objects from your photos.We have covered this product many times before and now the latest version 5.5 is available for free just today.

The above image is done by me with just few minutes, So if you are a person who don’t know Photoshop and want to remove some elements from a photo, this product is for you.  The unwanted objects can be anything like watermarks, date stamp on a photo, some unwanted objects etc..

This product can be used for

Repair old photos

Remove watermarks

Delete unwanted people from photo

Erasing Power Lines

Remove unwanted objects

Digital Facial retouching

Remove date stamps

Erase wrinkles and skin blemishes

Remove tourists from travel photos

Fill black areas of a panorama

Remove text or logo from images

Remove moving objects from photos

Easy to get use & started

Completely non-technical

Get a free license just today from here