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Giveaway - AVG Internet Security 2014 1 year license

Giveaway - AVG Internet Security 2014 

If you are looking for an anti-virus for free, you can get the  AVG Internet Security 2014 for free which will costs $54.99 otherwise. Thi9s product includes


AntiMalware (AVG Resident Shield)

AVG Anti-Rootkit

Email Scanner

Protective Cloud Technology

AVG Community Protection Network

LinkScanner Surf-Shield

Social Networking Protection.

It also includes some useful utilities like

File Shredder - delete files permanently

Data Safe - Encrypts files

Do Not Track and Identity Protection - Helps to stop tracking you

Before you proceed just one more thing

This is not an actual 1 year full version license of AVG Internet security 2014, but this is an extended trial (365 days).  There are no difference in trial and original license in feature wise, same features, updates, and protection.

If you have used AVG Internet Security in the past, then you won’t be able to install an extended trial and thus won’t be able to get this freebie. (we have not tried whether an uninstall existing version will work or not). If you haven’t used AVG Internet Security in the past, then you can get this freebie.

Read more and get AVG Internet Security 2014 for free from here