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Giveaway 3 - iolo System Mechanic Standard review and Giveaway

 iolo System Mechanic Standard Giveaway

System Mechanic is an all in one tool for your Windows , which can fix so many issues and make your PC faster. The main advantage of using System Mechanic is that when you install System Mechanic you will not have to install a dozen programs where each will be doing a single task, just like .

1. Normal uninstalling of a program will have left overs on your Pc, while a good uninstaller can clean the registry and file system, you may have a Free software for this like Revo Unintsaller

2. Removing junk Files you may use free programs like CCleaner for this

Similarly you may find many free applications which can do tasks you wanted to, but System Mechanic is a real all in one option to speedup your PC

It offers wide range of  tools for individual tasks such as

1.  Increase Performance

    • Memory Mechanic - Defragments RAM
    • CRUDD Remover - Remove redundant programs - It will show programs which will do the same operations and you may or may not uninstall one.
    • Energy Booster - Turn off unused background programs
    • Startup Optimizer
    • Net Booster
    • Designated Drives - Find and install updated drivers
    • Registry Compactor - Defragment and Compact Registry
    • Program Accelerator - Eliminate filesystem entropy to speed up Windows and your programs.
    • DriveAccelerator

2.  Enhance Protection

    • Security Optimize - Fix Security Vulnerabilities
    • Registry Backup - Back Up or Restore Registry
    • System Guard - Configure Automatic System Defense

3. Cleanup System Clutter

    • PC Cleanup - Automatically detect and clean out temporary files and other useless data.
    • Junk File Finder - Find and Remove Junk Files

4.  Repair Problems

    • Registry Tuner - Repair Registry Problems
    • Shortcut Repair - Repair Broken Shortcuts
    • Drive Medic - Repair Hard Drive Problems (You can create a Drive Medic Recovery CD which can be used for system repair)
    • System Troubleshooter - Troubleshoot System Problems

5. Ensure Personal Privacy

    • Privacy Cleaner - Erase Private Data
    • Incinerator - Securely Delete Files , It deletes a file from your computer permanently

6. Manage System Configuration

    • Startup Manager
    • Process Manager
    • System Customizer
    • Net Tuner
    • Duplicate File Inspector
    • Advanced uninstaller

7. Perform Diagnostics

    • DriveSense - Monitor Hard Drive Status
    • Advanced System Information
    • NetSpeed Analyzer - Measure Internet Download Speed
    • System Change Tracker - Track System Changes.

The iolo System Mechanic also offers All in one tools such as

PC Accelerator-  Increase the speed of  Windows by running multiple performance-enhancing and speed-boosting tools at once.

PC Repair  -  Repair frustrating and mysterious errors, crashes, and other system failures.

PC Cleanup -  Free up drive space, remove junk files, and sweep away system-clogging clutter.

PC Security -  Find and repair dangerous security flaws and perform other important safety improvements.

The intelliStatus will display the overall status of your PC where you can apply the tools to fix and make windows faster, like Cleaning up of Hard drives, Optimizing System Memory, Configuring startup programs, and measuring internet speed.

You can read more about System Mechanic Standard here, Watch video tutorials of System Mechanic here

You may also get a free version of System Mechanic  which offers 7 tools to increase the speed of your PC

Registry Tuner

Startup Optimizer

RAM Leak Repair

Disk Defragmenter

Junk File Cleanup

Internet Repair

Program Link Repair

Download System Mechanic Free

After using the System Mechanic  I was able to sort out many issues in my PC which would have taken more time if I was trying to solve using some other applications. Overall this iolo System Mechanic is a good maintenance tool for your PC.

Screen Shots


SSD Accelerator

SSD Accelerator

Program Accelerator

Program Accelerator

CRUDD Remover


We have 3 licenses of iolo System Mechanic Standard (worth $ 49.95 each) to giveaway (Thank you Jack Follman from iolo)

Last Date

9th July 2012

Rules to participate on the giveaway

1. Read all the Rules

2. Visit the product home page here or you may download free version of the product

3.  Leave a comment with “Which feature you like most on “System Mechanic” Which is not on System Mechanic Free version

4. Just a “count me in” will NOT count you

5. Make sure you use email address which you use, because you will have to reply to our emails to get the license.

Steps 6 and 7 are optional will not give any advantage in lucky draw, it is just a help to us

6. (Optional) Share this on social media or with your friends.

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