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Get film show times in your city with Google Movies

Have you ever wondered where you could get a list of the show times of movies playing in your city?

Google logo

Google has had a webpage that has been doing this for many years.

Sure, newspapers have the information too, but you don’t always have access to them. And they don’t have the addresses or the information about all the theatres the movies are shown in. That is where Google Movies helps you.

Here is a screenshot showing the times and info of the movies playing today in Chennai.

Google Movies Chennai


Not only does it tell you about the show times, you can also view the details of all the movies playing in the same theatre. By default, the page just shows you all the movies playing in your city, but you can also search for a particular movie.

Google Movies Chennai 2

You can also view the list of theatres in your city, selecting which displays a list of movie genres.

Google Movies Chennai Theatres

Click on a particular genre, and it will display all movies falling in the category and display the show times and the theatre information.

Google Movies Chennai 2

Visit the Google Movies website to check out the film show times in your city. You can also search for movies playing in a different city by typing in the city name in the search box, and clicking on the “Change” button.

Tip: Bookmark the Google Movies page to quickly access it from your phone.