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Get €50 Facebook Ad Coupon for Free

50 worth Facebook Ads coupon for free

You can €50 Facebook Ad Coupon for Free, before proceeding please note the two points below

At the moment, the Facebook codes are available in Spain, India, Poland, Russia, Japan, Germany, Portugal and Holland.

Your advertiser account should not be older than 15 days to use our coupon.

To get a €50 worth Facebook Ads coupon for free

1.  Sign up and create your page at Qapacity here, You need to confirm your email address by clicking the link sent to you.

2. Click "Promote" on the Qapacity Dashboard

qapacity-facebook-65$ ad coupon

3. Click Read more under "€50 worth Facebook Ads"

50 worth Facebook Ads coupon for free

4. Connect with Facebook, you will have to allow to access your basic information

5. After connecting you can see the ads coupon instantly


[Via Megaleecher]