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Get SMSBlocker for Free


SMS blocker is a cool application that can manage the SMS and it will allow you to blacklist SMS senders and the SMS will not reach you.


1.   Easy to set-up. It takes less than 5 minutes to set the app running.

2.   Simple interface. It is as easy to operate as your mobile inbox.

3.   ‘One-Click-Block’ to block in single click from Home Screen.

4.   Inbuilt intelligence to detect and block automatically cunning spam SMS.

5.   Block counter on mobile homescreen for quick reference.

6.   Fully customizable. Decide your own level of privacy.

7.   Seamless Integration with phonebook, SMS inbox.

8.   Detailed log of all blocked SMS.

9.   Blocked SMS storage in ‘Bin’ folder.

10.   Application 'On' indicator icon on Home Screen.

11.  Selective SMS block based on content, bulk spam SMS, sender’s title or a specific number.

12.  Easy unblock options.

13.  'Application auto start' mode to start smsBlocker automatically when the phone starts.

Read more here

You will have to provide the IMEI number of your mobile phone to get the key. Here is the promotional page

this offer ends on 28th June 2010. Check the count down here

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