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Get Paid Android Applications for FREE – 2014-Jan-31 [Limited Time]

Get Paid Android Applications for FREE

So here goes some Android Application which are Free only for a limited time. Act quickly and get them. Today there are 2 games and one Map is available for free.


1. City Maps 2Go Offline Maps

City Maps 2Go Offline Maps Free

Offline maps with so many useful places tagged can save a lot of data transfer. If you are on roaming this can save a lot of money too. City Maps 2Go Offline Maps have 6,700 interactive maps and many point of interests marked and also with Wikipedia extracts which will describe the place.

You can get this application for free till February 2

Get it from Play Store

2. Free Labyrinth Game

Free Labyrinth Pro 


Labyrinth is a game where you will control the ball to its destination by tilting the device.  There are 64 levels for you to finish.

With App of the Day you you can get the Labyrinth Pro for free ��� Read about it here


3. Free Star Command Game

Free Star Command game


Star Command is a premium game with HD support which do not have any in App purchase etc, This game normally cost you $2.99 but you can get it for free today from Amazon Apps. Make sure you have installed Amazon AppStore on your device so that you can get it.


Level your crew members up and earn new skills

Build a ship in your own image!

Four distinct ship hulls to choose from

Focus on tactical, science or engineering

Amazing soundtrack intensifies the action and exploration

Over 10 alien species to discover