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Get Paid Android Applications for FREE – 2014-Jan-30 [Limited Time]

Free Android Applications

Just like the series “Get Paid Windows Applications for FREE” we are trying to start another series for the Android users. We may start one for the iOS users too.


Easypad (All PRO features)

Free Easypad Pro version


Easypad is a free application to take notes and also ahave a sticky note widget for easy not taking. The Pro version of this application is paid and which will have the following additional features

More notepad Designs

Xl font size

save and restore from SD

Send notes to Evernote

Create notes from notificationbar

Today you can get all the Pro features for free. PRO version is free today with “App of the Day”. read more and get it from Google PlayStore





Free PicShop  photo editor


PicShop have a lite free version also. Today with AppGratis, they are giving away all the Pro version features on lite.  PicShop have filters and editing options so that you can edit your pictures on the mobile devices itself. It also enables sharing with your social media friends and email it easily.

To get the pro version features you must install the AppGratis application first. You can get it for free from here 




Read about picShop


Low Light

Free Low Light android app


Low light helps you to reduce the brightness of your screen and make reading easy at night. It allows to set the brightness lower than the device settings. You can schedule brightness for two times so that you will not have to set it manually.

Read more and get it free from Amazon