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Get 17 Steam games from your library for free on GOG Connect

Good Old Games is back with its GOG Connect promo, which debuted back in June this year. The online game store is now offering 17 Steam games for free, provided you have them on your Steam account.

GOG Connect September 2016
Here are the games which are currently free on the second batch of GOG Connect.

  1. AI War: Fleet Command
  2. ANNO 1404: Gold Edition
  3. Baldur's gate: Enhanced edition
  4. Cossacks Anthology
  5. Dex
  6. Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora
  7. Hotline Miami
  8. Olli Olli
  9. Shadow Warrior (2013)
  10. Teslagrad
  11. The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing: Final Cut
  12. The Last Federation
  13. The Masterplan
  14. Two Worlds Epic Edition
  15. X: Gold
  16. X Rebirth
  17. Ziggurat

You can get the DRM-Free versions of these games, by connecting the Steam account on which you own them, to your GOG account. Simply visit this page, connect the accounts and click on the refresh button.

GOG Connect September 2016 a

Now, wait for the library to refresh, and if detected correctly, the games will display an "Add Game" option on their badges. Hit the button which says add game, and it will be available in your GOG library, from which you can download it. There are a few games which aren't being detected correctly for many users. This includes 1404 Anno, which is sold under a different name, Dawn of Discovery in India, U.S and some other Countries. GOG support is reportedly working on fixing these issues, according to the website's forums.

The second GOG Connect program runs until Sunday, October 2, 9:59 PM UTC. So, there is plenty of time for the games to be detected by GOG.  Oh, and if you find the games on sale at Steam for a cheaper price, you can buy them and get the GOG version for free.

If you don’t have any games to redeem on GOG Connect, that’s ok, because the game store is holding a massive Back To School Sale, which you can find on it’s homepage,

via: Reddit