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Geekiest Giveaway Fortnight - Day 6 - GDocsDrive Review and Giveaway of 15 licenses

Geekiest Giveaway Fortnight - Day 6 - GDocsDrive Review and Giveaway of 15 licenses

Google Docs is a free service from Google which will allow you to store  documents, images, spreadsheets, presentations and other files. it will even allow you to edit, create and share the documents easily and edit text documents and create both text documents and spreadsheets on your mobile device

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GDocsDrive is the best desktop application so far to handle the files and folders of Google Docs. This application is easy to handle supporting drag and drop from your desktop to the Google Docs. GDocsDrive is based on  Google Document List API 3.0 protocol. All communication is SSL encrypted,so there is no need to worry about data interception.

If you are a Google Docs user or planning to use google Docs, GDocsDrive is a really handy software for you.

gDocs Drive Google Docs Drag and Drop

Features of GDocsDrive

Backup your documents online

Convert Microsoft Word files to PDF,or Microsoft Excel files to Open Office Spreadsheets,and even more.

Upload any file,including documents,photos,videos and even everything on your whole hard disk.

Access all your files anywhere,with any device using a web browser.

Search your data for file names or content using Google’s powerful search engine.

Share you documents - You can set the visibility of each document to determine who can view it

The files in GDocsDrive not only can be shared to individuals, but you can also share your documents to Google Groups and Google App domains

GDocsDrive also has permission settings that allow people to view your files but not edit or delete them

You can even share to a person who does not have a Google account

Create folders to sort documents

Drag an d drop for Uploading and downloading

gDocs Drive Google Docs Share Documents

gDocs Drive Google Docs Editing online

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GDocsDrive will costs you  $19.00 normally.