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Geekiest Album - web photo album developed in C#

Geekiest Album

I have completed a photo album and you can see a demo here This album is developed using C#.


  • Automatic watermark (Text or Image)
  • Dynamic Album cover photo
  • Set size of album cover photo
  • Set size of thumbnails and images
  • Upload as zip folder, single image upload or can use FTP
  • Admin can manage rows and columns of albums and photos need to be displayed on page
  • Can enable or disable comments
  • Comments can be Moderated
  • Can have private albums, to watch it need to be logged in
  • Can have multiple users
  • Auto rotate based on Exif
  • Display Exif Data
  • Have simple image editing like Flip, Rotate, convert to grey scale etc.

What I need to add more

  • Need to provide option to edit user interface
  • Beautification
  • More testing

Please send suggestions (of User side) and I will publish it later so that every one can use.

As many of you know this site is using BlogEngine.Net as the blog plat form from the beginning itself and I must say it is simply cool. When I wanted to add a new virtual directory to my blog I had to change the web.config of my BlogEngine, and also a change in the web.config of my child folder.

So for those who are having same issues, These two links will help you to solve.

1. If your site is running a blogEngine and you want to add a subdomain, or child virtual directory check this solution which says two solutions first one is remove <httpHandler> and <httpModule> tags from <system.web> and second one is move the validation tag outside of the location tag, read it detailed on the website.

2. (Not related to BE) If you are using IIS 7 and you are getting 500 - Internal server error you can check this link for sulution, which suggests to add a single line  <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false" /> inside system.webserver like below in web.config

        <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false" />