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Game Fire 3.0.187 – Free Game accelerating software


Game Fire is an open source program that accelerates your games performance by releasing the resources on your PC. With game fire installed on your PC you can enjoy a smoother and pleasant gaming experience, just a touch of button needed. Game Fire optimizes your PC for peak performance level what the game requires.


* Free ups the resources and optimizes your PC so that you can play faster and smoother than before.

* Improves your PC’s performance to play game more comfortably.

* Optimizes your PC with a touch of button, no need of technical knowledge required.

* Simple UI and Options, suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

* Safe and Reliable, Changes made by the software is temporary and cause no harm to your Hardware.

* Reduces stress on CPU by closing unwanted functions.

* Defrags the system memory to free up the unwanted resources .


* CPU and Memory usage Before and After Switching to Gaming mode.

 game fire game fire2

* You need to setup a gaming profile first, so that game fire can optimize your PC by releasing resources from printers, scanners etc. Also you can set to use classic window theme and much more memory saving options. Enable you to  save this settings so that you can use it later.

 game fire5

* In-built application manager helps you to recover more spaces by removing unwanted applications manually.

game fire3

* Game defragment accelerates your game. You can enjoy the game more smoother and comfortable than before.

game fire4


Also you can add a list of your games to this software to play with game fire and Windows tools option lets you use some more space saving activities such as setting startup configuration for your PC, Display options etc.


In conclusion Game fire is a Simple software that can convert your PC into a Powerful Gaming Machine. A very useful PC optimizing software that every gamer search for. You can read more and Download this software from its Homepage.