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Grand Theft Auto V may support 32 online players in the PC version

With the rumors about the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V circling around, one more interesting bit of news was dropped by a member of GTAForums.

An alleged leaked file mentions that the game will support up to 32 players in Online multiplayer mode.

The currently supported number of players on the PlayStation and Xbox versions is 16. So this comes as a huge surprise.

One of the leaked files mentions 32 players and color codes, possibly visible on the HUD.

Another document includes details about the online game modes such as,

    • Cops and Crooks.
    • Free mode.
    • Death match.
    • Team Death match
    • Races.

The Console versions of  the game have six more modes namely, Heists, Rally, Capture, Survival, Hold, and Raid. Hopefully, the PC version will be released with the mentioned game modes as well. The games predecessor, GTA IV had a total of thirteen multiplayer modes as compared to the 11 in GTA V.


This rumor comes about two weeks after the gameplay video of the PC version of GTA V was leaked. The game may be launched for PC’s on March 12th, according to a Brazilian retailer.


via Softpedia and GTAForums