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GTA V PC Gameplay video leaked, has DirectX 11, Resolution,Shaders & other Graphics settings

Last week, we told you that the PC version of GTA V could be released on March 12th.

GTA V screenshot 2

While Rockstar Games are yet to announce the PC version, let alone confirm the release date, rumors continue to grow with each passing day.

Today, a video footage of an early developer version of the PC game was leaked on YouTube.

While the fact that the guy who recorded this moved his cursor painfully slow suggests it could be a fake video, the keyboard sounds while the guy changes the settings, and the presence of various graphics setting suggest otherwise.

The console versions of GTA V do not have the settings.

Look closely at the screenshot below and you will find Direct X version, VSync, Texture Quality, Shaders, Reflections, Resolution etc..

GTA V PC version video gameplay footage

I think that this could be legitimate video footage of the PC version.

We hope Rockstar release the game for our beloved PCs soon.

source: Softpedia