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FreeFixer– Find and remove unwanted software

FreeFixer– Find and remove unwanted software

FreeFixer is a small utility which can scan your PC for the unwanted software like adware, spyware, Trojans, Browser Helper Objects and many more. The Application will not analyze the scaning report to check what is wanted and what is unwanted software. The users will have to decide which all are unwanted and will have to remove them.

FreeFixer is a free application while FreeFixer Pro which supports  quarantines and restore of the files that you deleted is a paid application. The application can be downloaded for free from the product website here.

Before scanning you can check the other tabs like Settings, Tools. The quarantine option is only supported by the Pro version.

If you need more information about the entries , you may choose to upload the files and get More Information from the FreeFixer server. If you know about the files and entries you can disable that option.

FreeFixer Settings

The Tools section will help you to delete protected files if needed. You can submit the file path the application will schedule the file to delayed deletion,  and will be deleted on the next reboot.

FreeFixer will scan the following locations

Browser Helper Objects

Internet Explorer toolbars

Internet Explorer extensions

Autostart shortcuts

Registry Startups

Scheduled Tasks


Hidden processes

HOSTS file

System policies

Suspicious filenames


Winlogon Notify

Application modules


Basic Internet Explorer settings

Internet Explorer search providers



TCP/IP settings

Namespace service providers

Transport service providers


Shared Schedulers

NtLoad Startups

Shell Services

Boot executes

Windows XP Firewall Authorized Applications

Mozilla Firefox Extensions

Mozilla Firefox search engines

Start Menu Internet shortcuts

Recently created or modified files

Shell settings

Security providers

Autorun.inf files

Svchost.exe modules

Explorer.exe modules

Rundll modules

Dllhost.exe modules

Mshta.exe modules

Winlogon.exe modules

IExplore.exe modules

Csrss.exe virtual memory files

Files flagged in the definition files