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Free genuine license Virtual CD 8 full version

You can get a Vitual CD version 8 for Free (10 is the latest version which supports Windows 7 and vista, while version 8 supports only XP)


Version does most of the things which version 10 does but it still missing few things like

    • Windows 7 and Vista suppot
    • Support for Blu Ray and HD DVD
    • Automated creation of images using the job function
    • Incremental image creation
    • Comparison Wizard for comparing image to original
    • Support for any physical CD drive
    • Virtual CD Starter (Tray) for faster access
    • Create Smart virtual CDs on USB flash drives

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To get Virtual CD version 8 for free

1. Go to the promotional page here

2.  Enter the details (All fields are mandatory)

3. Click Next

4. Confirm the submission by clicking Send

5. Check your email for the license key

6. Download Virtual CD 8


[Via AvinashTech]

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