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Free eBook - Visitors to the Inner Earth

Free eBook - Visitors to the Inner Earth

True tales  of subterranean journeys

• KING HERLA in the cavern of the dwarfs

• ENKIDU and his descent into Sheol

• ORPHEUS and ÆNEAS in Hades

• SIR OWEN in Purgatory

• CUCHULAIN in Tir-nan-Og

• REUBEN and the mikvah stairway

• REVEREND KIRK and his abduction

• RICHARD SHAVER and the Deros


• THOMAS THE RHYMER in Fairyland

• OLAF JANSEN and the polar opening

• APOLLONIUS OF TYANA in the Abode of the Wise Men

• LOBSANG RAMPA beneath the Himalayas

• DOREAL and the mysteries of Mount Shasta

• GUY BALLARD and the Ascended Masters

• CAPTAIN SEABORN and his voyage to Symzonia

• WALTER SIEGMEISTER and the Atlantean tunnels

• DIANNE ROBBINS and the Library of Porthologos

Review of the book

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