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Free eBook - HackerProof: Your Guide to PC Security


It contains 8 Chapters in 53 pages

PC security is linked to computer security as a whole, including issues like network security and Internet security. The vast majority of the threats that may attack your computer are able to survive only because of the Internet and, in some cases, the survival of a security threat is directly linked to a security flaw in some high-end piece of server hardware. However, the average PC user has no control over this.


Chapter 1. Intro to PC Security

Chapter 2: The Malware Gallery

Chapter 3: Innocent Civilizations:  The Security of Operating Systems

Chapter 4: Good Security Habits

Chapter 5: Methods of Protection 

Chapter 6: Choosing Security Software

Chapter 7: Prepare for the Worst – and Backup!

Chapter 8: Recovering from Malware

Chapter 8: Conclusions

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