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Free Workshop on Intro to HTML and CSS: Beyond Templates




Readers, we are happy to bring you information on a Free 2-days workshop on “Intro to HTML and CSS: Beyond Templates”.


This workshop is completely free to attend Live. It starts on Monday, 20-Jan-2014 from 9AM to 4PM Los Angeles time.


Making websites is pretty easy and simple these days, thanks to programs like Word Press and Dreamweaver. Similarly, customizing one to our need is hectic, time consuming and costly. Knowing basics of HTML and CSS is utmost important to make customized sites. Knowledge of these languages allows you to adjust fonts, colors, and other formatting, thereby building a website of you choice and taking readers by surprise.


This two-day comprehensive workshop is brought to you by creativeLIVE instructor Janine Warner. She has authored best-selling books and video tutorials, as well as owns an interactive design and training agency -

Details on the workshop

This workshop starts with the basics of how to write HTML and CSS in a text editor. It then covers the intermediate skills required to use a program like Dreamweaver, and finishes with the advanced skills required to edit themes in a program as sophisticated as Word Press.


The workshop spread over 2-days covers the following topics: 


The Basic Ingredients: How to Whip Up Lean HTML
Adding Flavor with Cascading Style Sheets
Designing CSS Layouts That Work
Turning Spaghetti Code into a Fresh Design


Garnishing Your Site with CSS3 Design Flourishes
Decorating Pages with Image Tricks and Fancy Fonts
Using Media Queries to Create Responsive Designs
Testing and Troubleshooting


Moreover, the below course materials can be downloaded once you have enrolled.

10 Things Every Website Should Have
HTML and CSS Resources
Protecting Your Art Copyright Law and more by Rachel Brenke
Web Hosting and Domain Tips


So whether you are a beginner or if you just want to beef up your skills, treat yourself with this free workshop and enhance your coding skills to built a great website in no time.


How to Enroll

You can enroll yourself here. Given the popularity of Janine Warner's workshop, act fast before it’s too late.


Happy Learning!!