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Free Winzip Courier 3.5 and a chance to win 60" HDTV


Winzip is giving away Winzip Courier 3.5 as they are close to 1 Billion downloads. You can download  winzip 16.5  and get Free Winzip Courier 3.5 (Latest version is 4.0) and also a chance to win 60” HDTV.

WinZip Courier makes it easy to zip (compress) the documents and other files that you attach to Microsoft Outlook email messages. WinZip Courier also integrates with webmail interfaces for Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail. Zipping attachments saves transmission time and disk storage for both the sender and receiver of the email. With Courier, large files can be uploaded to a WinZip ZipSend account and a link to the file will be provided to the recipient of your email message.

If you already have winzip 16.5 just click the “Already have WinZip 16.5?” link.

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Free Winzip Courier 3.5 and a chance to win 60 inch HDTV

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