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Free Win8Starter Full version license - Start Menu for Windows 8

Windows start menu on windows 8

Win8Starter is a tool which will add a start menu to your Windows 8.   The most important thing about win8Starter is that it is a separate program which is working as a start menu, so there is no hack or registry editing, also you will not loose the start screen of the windows 8. Still the win key on the keyboard will take you to the start screen

Chip is giving away Free full version licenses of Win8Starter. To get a free license

1.  Visit the promotional page here click “Zum Download” and download the application

2. Install it (Select “English” when you proceed


3. Complete Installation

4. It will open a screen , enter the details and proceed (First name, Last name and Email), the key request shortcut will be on the start screen

Key Sent

5. Check your email for a confirmation link, click on it and you will receive an email with the license key.

6. Go to settings and register the key

How to register 1

[Via Avinashtech]

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