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Free Steganos Privacy Suite 11 full version license worth $69.95


Steganos Privacy Suite 11  can Locks and encrypts documents, photos and your e-mail post office in a virtual data safe. Secures USB sticks, CDs and DVDs when on the go. E-mail and web favorites encryption functions, trace destructor, Steganography and optional Steganos AntiTheft. It will Complement your firewall and antivirus software with a first-rate data protection and encryption system.


Turns USB sticks, mobile Phones, iPods®, CDs, and DVDs into handy data safes that can be accessed on other systems — without extra software!

Safeguards user e-mails, contacts, calendars, and more. For Outlook (including contact details, calendars and work tasks), Outlook Express and Windows Mail. No e-mail access without a password.

Performs permanent and unrecoverable data delete operations with Steganos Shredder™.

Removes traces left behind while browsing or working on PCs — fully automatically.

Keeps all user passwords on-hand and automatically completes forms on websites like Amazon and ebay.

Creates strong password protection with just a few clicks.

Sends encrypted e-mails with a click of a mouse. E-mail recipient only needs a password, and the message decrypts itself automatically. No additional software to install.

Lets users access data safes by selecting a series of images as a password, eliminating the need to memorize long and complicated passwords.

Hides sensitive data in pictures and music. No one will discover the encrypted data hidden in these files.

Uses an uncrackable (and world renowned) 256 Bit AES security algorithm.


Read more about the product here

To get Steganos Privacy Suite 11 full version license worth $69.95 for Free

1. Go to the promotional page here

2. Enter your Email address and click "Abschicken" button

3. Check your email for the license key

4. Download a trial version from here

5. Activate it using the key you received

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