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Free StNotepad License

Free StNotepad License

StNotepad is a semi-transparent interfaced text editor, is a superior alternative to traditional Notepad. This also provides more visibility settings to split the background and text such as Opacity, Background Color, Font Color and etc...Features like Full Screen, URL Detection, Unicode Encoding, Zooming, Print Preview, Multiple Undo/Redo, Text DragDrop, Word Count and more has supported.StNotepad Touch has released, it is an enhanced version of this with Multi-touch support in Windows 7. This supports multi-touch gestures for most of text editing functionalities like copy, paste, cut, enter, tab, space, Backspace, delete, undo, redo, selectall etc.

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To get a Free license

1. Visit Promotional page

2. Download file (it is just 614 KB)

3. Install

4. go to Help => Register

5. Click on the “Register for Giveaway” link

Free StNotepad License

6. On the window opened (in browser) enter your email address and user name came on the window

7. Check email for registration key

8. Use the key and register it

Free StNotepad License

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