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Free Software to Change the Windows 8 Start Screen Background

Free Software to Change the Windows 8 Start Screen Background

Earlier we have wrote about Decor8 a windows 8 Startup screen customizer which is a paid software. Today we are going write about a free software which can doo a lot of things and no need to install it, it is just an exe file. Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer which is in beta stage now

Using this software you can

1. Set the background of windows 8 start screen

2. change the number of columns on the start screen of windows 8

3. You can set a list of images so that the start screen background will change automatically

From the website

• You can set your desktop wallpaper as background picture

• You can select your pictures from any folder and set it as a sequence of background pictures.

• There is a blur effect available, it is slow and slower on bigger resolutions

• Tiles opacity can now be changed (not perfect though)

• You can revert to default background

• You can choose a picture and select the area to be shown as background picture.

• You can set the Start Screen transparency

• You can set the rows of you tiles (limited by your screen resolution)

• You can run it on startup hidden, so you can see your custom background as soon as this tool starts

• Save configuration to ini file.

How to Change the Windows 8 Start Screen Background

Use select pictures and add the photos you want to display as windows 8 start screen background, set time and order, the start screen wall paper will get changed automatically.

You can read more and get it from here