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Free Paragon System Backup - 3 User License worth $29.95


System Backup is easy to use and highly automated: out-of-the-box automation for scheduled background protection of your complete system and data. Plus, customizable backup strategy options for specialized individual needs. Choose instant automation or customize each backup detail, System Backup does both with maximum levels of protection and power.


Choose between the built-in backup strategy or create your own

Scheduling: fuzzy or precise

Snapshot type: auto selected, full or differential

Retention policy: number of archives to keep

Volumes to backup: all or user selected

Exclude masks: exclude unnecessary data from backup image

Space Saving Options - Full or Differential

Adjust Backup Process Priority

Smart backup engine

Backup on-the-fly

Easy restore to a previous state

Fast recovery after system failure

Selective restore

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You need to have a Facebook account to get the Free license

1. Visit the Facebook page of Paragon Software group


2. Click “Like” button if you do not Liked it before

3. Click Giveaway of the left side or visit this link

4. Fill the form and submit

Free Paragon System Backup - 3 User License worth $29.95

You will receive license information for the software within the next 15 minutes from .

5. Download Paragon System Backup

Windows 32-bit

Windows 64-bit

6. Use the serial number you received on email to activate.

Giveaway is time-limited and expires April, 22 9:00am (EST)

WinPE CD is extra service and not available to download in this Special Edition

Recovery CD (Linux based) is integrated in the product and can be found in SETTINGS/ STORAGE AND RECOVERY/ CREATE THE RECOVERY CD

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