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Free Ocster Backup Pro 5 full version license worth $39.90


Earlier we have wrote about  Free Ocster Backup Pro 4 Special edition license worth 39.90$. Now here is a chance for you to get the latest version of Ocster Backup Pro  version 5 for Free


Versioning: Easily access and restore different older versions of your files.

Improvements "under the hood": enhanced performance, compatibility and other aspects of the backup service

Fully automated backups: Specify what data should be secured in which rhythm, the program does the rest

Password protected backups: encryption algorithm selected by.

Various options for storing the backups: on external hard drives, USB sticks, the local network and the Internet (additional cost) is possible.

Compression of backups: intelligent compression, small files to keep backup to.

Schedules: Set yourself if you create a one-time or continuous backups.

Incremental backups: When continuous backups are the differences from the previous version is stored only in order to save disk space and bandwidth.

Auto Pause: If you need the full power of your PC, backup paused Ocster Pro backup.

Outlook Backup: Backup mails, appointments, tasks and settings from Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later.

Read more about Ocster Backup Pro 5 full version  here

To get Ocster Backup Pro 5 full version license worth $39.90 for free

1. Go to the promotional page here

2. Enter Name, Email and confirm email address box

3. Click "Get Ocster Backup Pro 5 Unlock Code"

4. Check mail and confirm by clicking the link "Click here to complete"

5.  You can see the unlock code on the opened Windows  or You can check mail for the key

 Free Ocster Backup Pro 5 full version license worth $39.90

6. Download and install from here

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