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Free Ocster Backup Pro 4 Special edition license worth 39.90$


Third post on the same software Smile  1. Free Ocster Backup Pro 4 worth 39.90$, 2. Free Ocster Backup Pro 4 full version license worth 39.90$


Fully automated backups: Specify what data should be secured in which rhythm, the program does the rest

Password protected backups: encryption algorithm selected by.

Various options for storing the backups: on external hard drives, USB sticks, the local network and the Internet (additional cost) is possible.

Compression of backups: intelligent compression, small files to keep backup to.

Schedules: Set yourself if you create a one-time or continuous backups.

Incremental backups: When continuous backups are the differences from the previous version is stored only in order to save disk space and bandwidth.

Auto Pause: If you need the full power of your PC, backup paused Ocster Pro backup.

Outlook Backup: Backup mails, appointments, tasks and settings from Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later.

The latest version is Version 5 which is having Versioning and few enhancement in performance. read more here

Get the unlock code from here

Download the software from here

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