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Free .NET decompiler

 Free .NET decompiler

dotPeek is a free .NET decompiler, which can decompile .NET assemblies to c# codes.  This utility supports framework 1.0 to 4.5. earlier we have posted about this software while it was in beta , you can read that - dotPeek - Free .NET decompiler.

The latest version 1.1 have some more features

Exposrt assembly to project, you can save the decompiled assemblies to Visual studio projects.

BAML decompilation

Better LINQ, Async codes and lambda support


Decompile assemblies to C# code including .dll, .exe, .baml and .winmd

Save decompiled codes as Visual studio projects

Find usage of functions, property, local variable etc.

Based on local pdb files find source code

Overview of inheritance chains

Explore current class

Complete keyboard support

Syntax highlighting

and Moreā€¦

JetBrains dotPeek is will be a useful tool is you are looking for a free .NET decompiler. You can get it from here dotPeek free .NET decompiler