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Free Meditation, Relaxation music in Mp3, m3u and m4a formats

Free Meditation,Relaxation music for windows iTunes

You can get free Meditation, relaxation music, Inspiration Sounds and Peaceful music clips by Sri Chinmoy. Most of the files are in .m4a Format(Apple Advanced Audio Format), you can listen to this using quicktime. Mp3 files are also available for download.

Sri Chinmoy is known for his many achievements in the areas of music, writing, art and athletics, and also for his commitment to world harmony, expressed through soulful concerts, the international Sri Chinmoy races and the meditations he offers. Sri Chinmoy is a prolific composer with thousands of songs to his credit in his native Bengali and English. He plays many instruments from all over the world including a variety of flutes, the Indian esraj, cello, harmonium, piano and pipe organ.

There are many available in the site like

"My Heart-Offering"  -  Live Concert by Sri Chinmoy  -  Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway -  April 30, 2007

Music Meditation - Live concert by Sri Chinmoy at the Martin Van Buren High School in New York, on March 9, 1982.

Life River

"The Green of the Forest" - Flute Music by Sri Chinmoy

Songs of the Soul Concert,  -  October Palace. -  Kiev, Ukraine -  October 2, 2010

Joy Of Sitar

Sacred Dawn - Relaxation music

Ananda - British group with vocals, harmonium, esraj and guitar.

You can read more and download many Mediation , relaxation music for free from Radio Sri Chinmoy