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Free McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus for 6 Months

McAfee Site advisor is an online security advisor, that can protect you from fraud websites. Below are some features of McAfee Site advisor

  • Protects you from adware, spyware, spam, viruses, phishing sites and online scams.
  • Advises you about the safety of sites using a colored button in your browser toolbar.
  • Enhances your online search by placing safety ratings next to search results.
  • Adds link safety checking to e-mail and instant messages, so you know which links are safe.
  • Warns you about dangerous sites and search results with clear messages.
  • Disables all interactions with dangerous sites with password-controlled `Protected Mode.´
  • Informs you about the important information you need to know about a site´s downloads.
  • Updates automatically to protect against new threats.

It normally costs you $12.99 (Now site says the actual price is $24.99). You can get a 6 months full trial for Free now. For this

1. Go to the promotional page

2. Click on the download now button

3. Enter the details

4. Click on I Agree button

5. Click on Download now (or it will automatically redirect to another page, where you can click on install link, which will take you to your account and you can download the file from there, you will need to activate your account with the link in the email)

6. Click I agree

7 Click download button and follow the instructions (download size : 1.3 MB)

[Via My Digital Life]

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