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Free Kindle Book GUI Design for Android Apps worth USD 30

Free Kindle Book GUI Design for Android Apps worth USD 30

Are you an Android application developer or designer ? Here is a free Kindle eBook named “GUI Design for Android Apps” from Apress written by Ryan Cohen and Tao Wang.

The book is having 4 chapters spread in 156 pages.

Chapter 1 : Overview

This chapter covers general GUI design method for desktop applications and how android GUI design is different from that. This also discuss about the general methods and principles of Android GUI design.

Chapter 2 : Android Specific GUI

Introducing android GUI and sample applications.

Chapter 3 : Designing complex applications

Covers applications with multiple activities. It also covers examples of application with parameters triggered by an activity in a different application.

Chapter 4 : Graphics interface and touchscreen input

Introduces basic framework of drawing in the view, how the drawing framework responds, how to control the display etc. It also covers the multi-touch code framework

free Kindle book for android developers

The Kindle edition of the book is now available for free for a limited time. The actual cost of this book is $29.99. So if you are an android designer or developer grab this book now from Amazon