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Free Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Kaspersky is offering a free Rescue Disc, which will help you to clean viruses, if you are already virus affected. This is simple

1. Download the ISO file from

2. Burn it into a CD or DVD (you can use free CD/DVD burning tools if you don’t have one)

3. Keep that CD in the drive and restart your machine (make sure that the CD/DVD drive is the primary boot device)

4. This will boot the machine, to Linux with antivirus loaded, scan your machine and remove the viruses.

4. Remember it basically allows you to scan the computer for malicious software and offers ways to remove any that are found. This does not give a guarantee that the computer can be booted again after the cleanup though

Another Option (you need to have PE builder it is free, and Microsoft windows XP service pack 2 CD )

1. Download, install and register Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 (genuine license free)

2. Open it

3. Under Protection Tab – choose Anti-Malware

4. Choose Rescue Disc from right side

5. choose Create Disk (Remember you need to have PE builder)

6.Create a disk

The difference between first and second method is. Second method will restore the system, when the files are corrupted by virus or deleted by anti-virus.

So what I will prefer is create these two kinds, try to clean with the first choice, and if anything went wrong use the second disk to restore the machine to a good status.