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Free IOBit Smart Defrag Server 2010 full version license worth $199.95


Designed with Smart Defrag technology, Smart Defrag Server 2010 is an advanced solution to maintain server disks reliability and optimize performance. The new Smart Defrag Server 2010 is ready for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 to optimize hard disks and securely pack file fragments together with all levels of RAID volumes supported.


Server Disk Optimization

Automatic Server Defragmentation

Works with Efficiency

Flexible Scheduling and Defragmentation

Keeps on Working While Defragmenting

Windows Server Operating System Optimization

Virtualization Optimization

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To get a Free license of Smart Defrag Server 2010  full version Go to the promotional page here, Answer a question (What are your key requirements for such server defragment tool?) enter captcha and click "Get a Free Copy". From the next Screen Download the Smart Defrag Server 2010 (No need for keys to activate)

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