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Free Fresh RAM full version license worth $14.99


Fresh Ram is a utility to optimize the usage of the RAm and increasing the performance of your computer.

What Is Fresh RAM?

If you're like most of us, after a while your computer starts behaving like the über drunk guy at your cousin's wedding. Movies stutter and skip, video games turn into slideshows, and web pages load like molasses.

Why the drunken display? It’s because all of the applications you have running eat away at available system memory, refusing to release all of it even when you quit them.


Improve your computer's performance

Enable applications and games to run faster and more smoothly

Advanced automatic optimization

Enhance your Microsoft Windows XP performance

Identify which processes consume the most memory so you can learn How to maximize your system resources.

Read more about the product here

This software will cost you 14.99$, but you can get this for Free if you have a facebook account

1.  Go to the facebook page of Reohix here

2. Click the "Like" button

3. Go to the tab "Fans"


You can see the serial key for the latest version of Fresh RAM (version 5) with download links

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